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Creating virtual forests with Timberland's Earthkeeper app helps plant real trees.

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    Saturday, 31 April 2014

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Creating virtual forests with Timberland’s Earthkeeper app helps plant real trees. The original version, which launched in 2008, helped plant 1 million total trees in China, Haiti and Nepal. A new version that launched in October teams up with Trees for the Future and the Yéle Haiti Foundation to focus on planting trees in Haiti.


For each set amount of virtual trees planted, Timberland commits to planting a certain amount of real trees. For every five virtual trees planted, for example, Timberland commits to planting one real tree. After a user has planted 25 total virtual trees, another two real trees are planted. Users can plant trees in either their own forests or in their friends’ forests. In the new app’s first month, users’ tree planting has committed Timberland to planting about 3,000 new trees in Haiti.
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